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Tattered Hearts Ranch

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Rocky busted into my life as a traumatized young horse with residual injuries from abuse.  I was struggling to heal from invasive surgery for severe health issues.  A random act of kindness placed me in a barn with horses, a dream from my earlier life that I had given up on.  Our journey began one cold February day when our lives bumoed together.  
Rocky has saved me in so many ways, he has changed my world.
I do not own land to create my own ranch...
I do encounter many animals that sure could use their own safe haven...
I instead have scratched together enough credit to create our own virtual ranch to share our stories, joys, sorrows and journey to the safe haven we all needed. 

All of these stories are based on factual events...

Meet some of the members of the ranch

Annette - a lost soul who was found by the earths children.

Rocky - my spirit horse who walks this path called life beside me.

Jessica - the youngest daughter whose love of horses brought Rocky into our lives.

Briana - the second daughter, the wanderer for I never know where she will jet off to next.  

Kirsten - the oldest daughter whose pure joy at riding inspires me to love the moment no matter what.

Kai - a young pup,  whose pure abandon makes me get up and ride every morning.